The All-American Solution

Random thoughts blog:  Sharia Law is a misnomer to begin with, but forget the technicalities for now. Literally translated, sharia means ‘path.’  More generally it can be considered the Islamic code of conduct.  It does not invade, or creep. It does not dominate or condemn. It isn’t alive or sleeping under your bed awaiting the opportunity to enslave your women and stone your men. The personification of sharia is probably the real mistake here.

As the last few months of political drool have dribbled out of the mouths of the boorish and inane, I have sat back and watched with a certain feeling of ‘handcuffedness.’  Thoughts like: “There is no way I can ever get to these people,” or “only if I could just sit down with them over a cup of coffee,” have passed through my mind.  But, sadly, I do not know how to begin the conversation.  I guess that is why I am writing… hoping Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich will read this discrete blog and have catharsis.

“Maybe they are not so bad after all!”  Of course that thought is as silly as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich being leaders of a political party in America in the 21st century. So… I write for naught … write for an audience whose eyes see me as the enemy. A covert operative sleuthing my way to impose… whatever it is they think I am going to impose. I can come back here with verses from a certain burned book that state there “is no compulsion in religion” but that would do little.  Apparently Google provides better misquoted/taken out of context verses than an actual Muslim.  I could mention that a large percentage of slaves in this country were in fact Muslim and that America is what is it is after having been carried on the backs of African Muslims AND that Islam is as American as… well… slavery (slaves usually didn’t get to eat that much apple pie).  But certain skulls have not been made permeable to intellectual debate and reason.

When that Gainesville priest burned the Quran, I heard things like: We should not take the actions of a nutjob to paint an entire religious community as moronic bigots.  I could not help but snicker. (By “snicker” I mean vomited).  The irony is as in your face as it gets but it still remains to have an impact on a large part of our country.  I’ve thought of taking news clippings and posting them with religious affiliations in front of every criminal’s name so as to prove the inequity with which Muslims are treated when it comes to crime:


a)      Christian Sex offender Phillip Garrido will plead guilty today to some charges in connection with Jaycee Dugard

b)      Alexander Alfaro, a Protestant, was convicted Tuesday on 16 of 17 charges related to the 2007 execution-style killings of three college friends.

c)      Bernie Madoff, a Jewish investor…. Ect…

The thing is… this doesn’t work either. None of these tactics to reveal bias work.  When Muslim advocacy groups are formed, they are smeared as supporting terrorist organizations. When Muslim politicians come into office, they are a threat to our values. I’m over it.  I am going to take another American value and use it as a weapon when it comes to the Peter King’s, Pastor Jones’s, Mark Levin’s, Giuliani’s and the residents of Murfreesboro, Tennessee… in my mind its called the ‘it’s-a-free-country-so-bite-me’ card. I am free to be named Yousaf, to pray 5 times a day, to say God is Greater (Allahu Akbar), to grow a beard, to be brown skinned, to build a mosque and turn to the haters and  say “It’s a free country!”

You would say… Now Yousaf… this is not the best way to go about things.  You can have dialogue. You can reason.  You can change the hearts… I say to this… yes I can, and for those who are willing to talk to me: I WILL BUY YOU DINNER and have a discussion… and for those who are not… my tax dollars, citizenship and voice grant me the permission to say:

As a human being, a Muslim and an American… I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I would love to… but I don’t have to. I am not ashamed of my religion, its demands of me, its expectations of my conduct and I am definitely not ashamed of words like Allah (God), Allahu Akbar (God is Greater), or Sharia (path).  I will not hide my beliefs in the face of those who try to demean me or patronize me behind a veil of arrogant ignorance.  I will not cover up my pride and confidence in knowing that I am a believer in a religion (it counts as a religion silly people) and a way of life that encourages me to fight for justice and principles.  And I am not ashamed of being American who wants to be nice and kind but not submissive and docile. For anyone who cannot understand that: With my identity as an American Muslim and with the rights bestowed on my by the constitution of the United states of America, I take my finger, point it at my tush and say…. Bite me.

Aside: You can probably tell this post swerved off course after the first paragraph. I normally do not write with so much frustration but it happens. If this bothers you, read the last paragraph again 🙂 just kidding. I am sure years from now I will look back at this piece and see an angry young man with little experience but sometimes a guy just has to write what he is thinking. It is therapeutic.


~ by Yousaf on April 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “The All-American Solution”

  1. had a conversation with a cousin of mine this weekend. Inspired by my new bearded look, he decided it was time to spout some bullshit about nuking Pakistan and past crimes by Muslims and some shit on Christians while he’s at it. So while I’m trying to talk him down and get a handle on his anger and have him put away his hate, I keep thinking to myself “yo what would Yousaf say if he were here.” Then I’m catching up on blogs this morning and see this and figure- hey, you need some rationale as to why you should continue to fight hatred with nothing but love? Because when you do, it inspires others around you to do the same thing!

  2. Thx for the comment Shashi… Keep the beard, It looks good on you doc

  3. funny, it seems like it was al-quieda that has been dropping letters and threats of locating nuclear devices in the U.S. and Europe…not the Christians or the Jews. Seems like it was Islam that was cutting the heads from the bodies of non combatants in iraq. seems like it’s islam that has infiltrated our nation and our government and destroyed our economy, national security and national soverienty. it was islam that raped the reporter in egypt…it is the quran that commands the “broiling” of the infidel and it is islam that lies and says that it is a religion of love and peace rather than conquest and brutality…
    you can recite prose and you can talk about love but it doesn’t change the fact that bin laden and all of those like him that serve the same doctrines, prophets and writings seek only the destruction of America and Israel and the seizure of Jerusalem.
    Jesus is the Son of God. He shed His blood on the cross in order for you to have a “path” to true salvation and eternal life in service to God. Jesus brought love and redemption mohammad brought death destruction and warfare…where is love and peace and mercy and grace demonstrated by the acts of mohammad? Nowhere! Consider these simple points friend. I am not preaching here … just poinging out hard cold facts…think about that…

  4. i realize that you won’t post this reply but i wish that you would open your mind and consider the teachings of Christ…nuff said

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