The Greatest Trial, Author: Issa Abbasi

How “bad” do you have “it”?  Yes, seriously, ask yourself that question.  Do you not like your hair color? Eye color? Are you stressed out? Do you have little to no “free” time? Well, this week (sorry for the delay in this post by the way!), let’s see how “bad” our Prophets used to have “it.”

None of us will ever have a trial or test like our Prophets, ever.  The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to see every trial or test as an empowering experience.  I am sure many of you have heard that see a person’s true character based on their behavior when they are under, well, it’s true.  On Friday, November 27, 2009, Muslims around the world will commemorate a specific trial given to our Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Ismael (Ishmael).

Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) wanted a son his whole life and Allah (s.w.t.) blessed him with one at an old age through a second wife, Hajar, since his first wife Sarah was not capable of reproducing offspring.  So how did the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe test this Prophet?  After Ismail grew up, Allah (s.w.t) gave Prophet Ibrahim the command to slaughter his only son.   But why slaughter and not kill his son, isn’t it the same?  Let’s think about this.  Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) could have thrown his son off a mountain and his job would have been done plus he would’ve obeyed his Lord’s command.  But nope, God said he had to “slaughter” his son.  Wow.  Just think of annihilating anything you love in this world.  Could you do it?

The beauty of this story is that all the characters in it obey their Lord.  Ismail (a.s.) even told his father that he should execute the command with a sharp sword so that a) the cut is fast and so that b) he does not become weak and disobey the commandment.  So to keep a long story short, Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) goes to slaughter his son and he is relieved of his duties by his Lord and told he passed his test of obedience.  Even better, he didn’t even sacrifice his son, but a ram instead!  That is a miracle and why we should entrust all our affairs to the One and Only Lord of the Universe.

So just as a reminder to all of us as we celebrate Eid  Al Adha this weekend, there is nothing, no exam, no test in life, no sickness or illness, that we cannot overcome without putting our faith in Allah s.w.t.  And if you need more proof, I give you the best proof there is to reiterate my statement:

2: 155 Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere,

2: 156 Who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return”:-

2:286 Allah tasketh not a soul beyond its scope

Sahih Bukhari 7.548 Narrated by Abu Huraira, the Prophet (PBUH) said:

How remarkable is the case of the believer! There is good for him in everything, but this is not the case for anyone except for the believer! When the believerreceives any good, he is thankful to Allah, and gets a reward; and when some misfortune befalls him, he endures it patiently, for which he is (also) rewarded.”

May you all have a blessed Eid!


~ by Yousaf on November 24, 2009.

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  1. jazakallahkhair for the reminder, I can just hear the commic guy from the simpson’s voice in that first picture

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