The Best 10 Days Are Coming! Author, Issa Abbasi

Top TenEvery year, many of us know at least one person who has made the intention to perform Hajj and is following through their intention by purchasing their ticket, taking time off from work and preparing for their pilgrimage.  But have we ever stopped to think that Hajj is not only for those who are going?  It’s true, Hajj is performed by those who are making the trip to Mecca, but for those of us who are staying behind, we also have something quite symbolic that awaits us.  We have the ten most blessed days of the year to look forward to; the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.  Just as the last ten nights of Ramadan are the best nights of the year, the first ten days of Dhul Hijah are the best days of the year.  So this week, I will discuss how great these ten days are that are set to begin on Wednesday, November 18th.

If you miss the month of Ramadan and all the worship and serenity it brings, then these ten days are for you.  Narrated by Ibn Abbas,  The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  said, “No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these (first ten days of Dhul Hijjah).”

Believe it or not, many Muslims are not aware of the magnitude these ten days hold.  From personal observation, a lot of Muslims only fast the day of Arafah.  I will admit that I was one of them until this year insha’Allah.  Of these ten days, the ninth day is the day of Arafah, the day that those in Hajj stand on the Mountain of Arafah solely making dhikr and du’a and those who fast that are not in Hajj have the chance to have their sins forgiven for the year that past and the year upcoming.  The tenth day is the day of Eid Al Adha, where we guarantee through the sacrifice of an animal that no one will go hungry that day. Arafah Mountain

We may be asking what you can do to gain and join in their benefit?   Below you will find the answer to this question taken from a recent email Imam Muhammad Alshareef sent to his list.

1. Fasting these 9 days (being the 10th day is Eid, it is not permissible to fast on the day of Eid)
2. Giving more charity during these 10 days
3. Say the “Eid” Takbeers loudly wherever you go. (Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Laa ilaaha illa Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Walillaahil hamd.)
4. Try to pray more prayers in the Masjid
5. Increase ties of kinship (visit family, say kind words to them, etc.)
6. Perform more voluntary prayers at home
7. Read more Quran, contemplating the meanings     Dua and Kids
8. Do more Dhikr
9. Ask for forgiveness more frequently

For more about the benefits of these ten days, read the following source:

To make your Eid udheeyah (sacrifice), you can also visit

So with this, let us all do our best to strive for the best of deeds these ten days so that our Eid will be our celebration of our deeds and accomplishments, insha’Allah.

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~ by Yousaf on November 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Best 10 Days Are Coming! Author, Issa Abbasi”

  1. Jazak Allah Khair. Very good post at just the right time.

  2. Thanks for the great posting and right at the right time…

    You have suggested giving money for the Udhia to Islamic Relief. However, don’t you gain more benefit/experience if you sacrificed it yourself and gave a portion away. This way you can truly experience Eid and by sacrificing remember Allah

  3. Brother Salah and Ammar, jazaka Allahu khairan for the feedback. As for brother Salah’s point, yes, I am sure you do gain more benefit for the actual sacrifice, but how many of us can actually get to do that and give it away? I wish I could, but if you can’t, money inshaAllah will suffice, and Allah s.w.t. knows best.

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