Open Heart Surgery, Author: Issa Abbasi

Heart Serene Heart Surgery

Pre-requisite: You must watch this video before beginning reading this blog entry

After watching this video, I pose the same question to you; do you know what your ending will be like?  Do any of us? From when we are born, our internal clock begins ticking down until the day we die.  For some, this clock will countdown for a long time and for others, they will be called by the Angel of Death quickly.  Do not think that a majority of people die of older age either.  As I recently learned, if you were to compare the age breakdowns of the deceased in a cemetery, you will find an equal proportion of deaths at any given age bracket.  So again, do you know what your ending will be like?

I spent two full weekends in October at AlMaghrib Institute’s “A Heart Serene: Studies in Tazkiya” course in open heart surgery.  While I was not physically operated on by Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi, a phenomenal instructor to say the least, it sure felt like I was given a new and healthy heart.

Both weekends were filled from top to bottom with what some might think is basic knowledge for Islam.  I was reminded again why I worshiped, how I worshiped and who I worship, but all for different reasons that you may be accustomed to.  Yes, we do worship Allah (s.w.t.) The Creator and Sustainer of the universe through salah, zakah, performing hajj, and fasting the month of Ramadan.  We also worship Him because we are told that mankind and jinn were created to worship our Lord, but it is actually so much deeper than this.

Our hearts were purified through learning about the different types of spiritual hearts.  We learned about how Iblis tries to bring a person down in several stages and the different stages of concentrating in our salah.  We were given lessons in patience and how the patient ones will be rewarded whether in this life or the Hereafter.  One of the most touching parts of all, was realizing how grateful we should all be to Allah (s.w.t.), the Lord of the Universe and only God.  I think the following video will suffice for an explanation

I forgot to add that this weekend was filled with a lot of tears of thanks, tears of joy and tears of hope, that if you fix your faults now, Jannah can be yours and maybe inshaAllah without an account you will be one of the 4.9 billion who are let in.

Finally, the best part was for sure was the final weekend, where the 360 or so students were all given a tour of Jannah.  I wish you could have been there.  I know what I am striving for until the day I pass away more now than ever.  Can you imagine what Jannah will be like?  If you can’t, then here’s a small taste.

Imagine a place filled with rivers of honey, milk and non-intoxicating wine.  A place where the air smells like musk and the ground is made of saffron.  Imagine a place where if you practiced this religion for the sake of Allah and with perfection, you could drink from the hands of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) and if you were to do so, you would never be thirsty again!  Do you not want this for yourself or for those you care for?

To close, I am still in the Intensive Care Unit with all my classmates.  As a fellow brother who also took the class with me said, if a spectacle of dirt were to reach my heart in the ICU, all of the purification and hard work of the surgery from the last two weekends would be gone.  But while I recover and emerge with a cleaner heart free of any black and gray spots, I can promise that my future blog posts will touch upon some of the material I learned from the class. Until my next post, remember the following questions constantly, would I want to be caught dead by Allah (s.w.t.) doing this action?

For more stories and inspirational material from the class, please visit the following link

A Heart Serene


~ by Yousaf on October 23, 2009.

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