What is that in your hand?

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By: Yousaf


What is that in your hand, O Moses?

A simple question. In fact, without proper context it doesn’t have any deep meaning at all.

He said: “This is my stick that I lean on, and that I beat down branches for my sheep with, and that I use for other things.”

The_Branch_by_pheelfreshThe response, in its innocence, seems as equally superficial.

This piece of wood, shaped into a walking cane, is somehow worthy of mention in the  most important message EVER sent down from the Creator of the universe unto His creation.  Dialogue, essentially discussing the various uses of a large toothpick, has been memorized and repeated billions of times.  A twig, made worthy of the movements of millions of righteous tongues  in the darkness of nights and in the light of morning hours.

I remember when I was younger, thinking about how Bo Jackson could breakBo a wooden baseball bat over his knee when he got angry.  About how it felt to snap a dried tree branch that had fallen in my backyard under my sneaker.  About splinters. And then came the staff of Mousa – redefining timber: Turning the hearts of men, sparking a revolution, overthrowing a tyrant… O yea, and that whole splitting seas business.

How little we really understand about what makes things ‘significant’ or worthy or meaningful, truly gives me a sense of hope:

The ‘weak’ person we see in the mirror, the unable being we believe to be inadequate, the incapable soul we perceive ourselves to be… may simply not.  The tools we have pushed aside as menial and ineffective may instead hold the potential to clear paths we did not know existed while drowning that which has enslaved us for too long.

So, I ask you:

What is that in your hand?



~ by Yousaf on October 2, 2009.

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