My Boss is the Best, Author: Issa Abbasi

best boss

My boss is the best

To this I can attest

Night and Day, He created bothuniverse

The Planets and the Earth, those as well

And Heaven? Yes, and Hell

He knows and sees all

Even when an old woman falls

For every good action, he multiplies my reward

He forgives me when the Accursed leads me astray

And He allows me to come back to Him when I am in disarray

I worship my boss, five times a day

Before the sun rises, while it is visible and when it sets

It is he whom I should never forget

For when I am sick, He heals me

And when I am in need, He is there for me

He is closer to me than my jugular vein

That is why worshiping him should not be done in vain

My Boss has the ultimate 401K plan

When I invest with Him, He multiplies my depositdonate

Without a commission or fee, my money is never squandered

Even after death, my investment multiplies and never dies

I get to take my wealth with me when I pass

Believe me; contributions to this retirement plan really do last

My Boss performs miracles

He brings death to life and life to death

He took the Prophet Musa’s staff and made it into a serpent

He tests me when I’m weak and tells me not to feel bleak

Even if a thorn pricked me, He forgives my transgressions

When everything is going well, I am thankful to Him

And when things go awry, I still thank Him

As strange as it may sound, that is true love for one’s Boss

And when one love’s this Boss, they are never in a state of loss

So I ask you oh reader

Do you have the Best Boss?

I know I do

And you can too

He’s only a Shahadah away

With His guidance, you won’t go feel any dismay



~ by Yousaf on October 2, 2009.

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