A Change is Coming

Because of my work schedule with med school, the time I have to write blog posts is scarce.  For this reason, I will be adding authors to my blog so as to keep it more active then just once a week. Issa Abbasi, better known as the Rutgers Jesus, will be helping me out with a post a week.  We will make sure to let you know who is writing what but I think you will really like what Issa has to say!


Okay so why the Garth picture? You get points from someone for something if you can remember the appropriate reference and how it applies to this post 🙂

In the mean time here is an  article I found valuable enough to share:

New post coming soon 😀


~ by Yousaf on August 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Change…”

  1. Isn’t this from the scene where Garth goes nuts and starts beating a prosthetic limb? If I remember correctly, he was nervous about his band rising up and changing for the worst. he FEARS change, maybe so they don’t lose their touch as a band? lose the realness, the originality that will eventually get lost in the midst of materialism in Hollywood? I barely remember this film, even more this scene, but the symbolism goes far i think depending on the direction you are heading with it. Perhaps you fear change because you are happy with the way everything is in your life now? Maybe you think you will lose your touch, originality, or realness when you are attacked by the celebrity sharks of the medical world? just a thought

  2. Okay… Whoever you are, we have to be friends from now on 🙂 you win the prize or something

  3. I hope the prize is big and chocolaty, mmmmm chocolaty surprise… (having a homer moment)

  4. amazingness… that was a very impressive answer… i thought the only people who would know that would be me and my two brothers…

  5. funny enough, i would think the same exact thing about me and my siblings, we seem to be the only ones around hear that catch on to a bunch of movie references, so this is an exciting moment for the both of us haha

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