Make Like A Duck

Like a Duck…
You ever notice a duck in a pond? How it floats so peacefully on top of the body of water… almost gliding along without any real effort.  The perfect picture of calm. The epitome of relaxation and composure.  No splashing. No disturbing the surface. No violent ripples left behind.  You could easily think that ducks just move, well without any effort at all. Almost as if that is the nature of a duck. To move, to glide, to flow smoothly from point A to point B.  To the naked eye, from up above the water it is all nice and tranquil… But if you were to look below the surface, the truth would be apparent. In reality scrooge-mcduckthe duck is really working hard.  Its feet paddle vigorously to push and propel the weight of its body through the water. Its tail works as a rudder, fighting against the current so as to keep the duck soundly on its intended path.  The whooshing water forms little whirlpools, the ducky’s leg muscles strain against gallons of water, and its heart pumps feverishly to maintain adequate oxygen to its tissues.  This happens all the while, the average on looker assumes ducks are the most chill animals ever. Wrong.

I want to be like a duck. Huh? Yes. Ducks got this whole human interaction, success-in-life thing down pat. How? Life seems to be so much about remaining confident and calm under real pressure… well at least externally remaining calm and cool.  Internally,animated,gif,bugs,bunny,daffy,duck,funny-2662520ed43438771a0e090f59145ddf_m where NOBODY else can see, your brain is paddling away trying to discern appropriate actions, your heart (the spiritual heart, not the muscle) is pushing and pulling against the current of every day decisions and your whole being struggles in this pond that we call life.  Success, at least it seems to me, is achieved only with the ability to glide across the surface confidently and calmly while really working your butt off to stay afloat.

I heard the duck analogy in reference to the way a surgeon must be under pressure but I find it to be so applicable to just being human. Being a good person is hard sometimes and the pressures of trying to attain levels of success require a level of… ‘Duckiness.’

So, I guess… QUACK QUACK!



~ by Yousaf on August 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Make Like A Duck”

  1. Ducktales!! Amazing picture… the rest was ok, but it was so blinded out like nothing by the picture of scrooge… i miss ducktales…

  2. I like the fact that ducktales was included in the photos. I think it is the least misleading illustration of how a duck really is. Isn’t life like a hurricane in Duckburg?

  3. Your personal blog post, Just Blinds “Make Like A Duck | i-Slam” was indeed definitely worth writing a comment here!
    Merely needed to announce you really did a remarkable job.
    I appreciate it ,Cassandra

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