Pigeon Dreams

Bird Terror

Here is a poem I wrote a while back after a particluar incident in NYC. Later, after the “almost tragedy” I observed a pigeon on the sidewalk pecking at some discarded bread.  That is when I had one of those ‘only if’ moments. Only if human beings had bird brains maybe life would be much simpler. Maybe then we wouldn’t fight each other, exploit tragedies for personal gain, hate one another, ect… 

Here is the poem, from the point of view… of a pigeon.  Read along with the video clip I have at the bottom of the performance (it may be a little different than the way you read it).


Pigeon Dreams

I was there…

I was there the day an attack on freedom changed the world

The day an airplane was taken down so our country could unfurl

The day that changed the way people looked at me

As if the culprits of that attack were part of my family

I am of course speaking not of 9/11 but of 1/15

When a group of terrorists attacked New York City?

And since then, being a pigeon in America, has honestly been tough

I get strange looks on the street and flying … has been rough

I always get randomly selected for inspection

And the even blame us for biological warfare, the avian flu infection

I get asked insensitive questions like ‘where are you from?’

As if I wasn’t as much a victim…

Just because those radical geese were immigrants, in migration

Doesn’t mean that I am not from this nation

I am as American as a Bald Eagle, the roadrunner or apple pie,

Baseball, Ford and the fourth of July,

I have condemned real terrorists like alqaeda, cats and wiley the coyote

And even then they have the audacity

To tell me to go back to my country

Fools, my ancestors fought in wars for the USA

We carried letters to generals, night and day

And they question my patriotism, my love?

We are for as much peace as those idiots who release white dove

They have called us names for years,

The ugly duckling, bird brain, rats with wings, just because I don’t have ears doesn’t mean I do not hear…

You know what; I think its time for a revolution

We can no longer stick our heads in the ground like an ostrich,

We must fight the media so people know we are better than just an ingredient in a sandwich

We have values, and needs, and in numbers we will be strong

We have taken this oppression for too long

We are being caged, persecuted, our wings clipped

Not to mention the propaganda and our rights ripped

Right from our very claws,

No longer will they silence the caws for our cause

I have a dream… (MLK voice from here on out)

I have a dream, that one day all birds will be judged by the content of their character

Regardless of the color of there feathers

That we can live in a land where the airspace is again considered our domain

That the only thing falling from the skies into the Hudson is rain

I have a dream that my eggs, can hatch into a world of peace

Where there is no hatred of pigeon, eagle, vulture or geese

Where humans can again find the love they have in their hearts for our kind

From the hummingbird to the dancing penguins

WE will teach the world that for peace and justice, our creed will be yes we can

And wings will no longer be seen as scary, foreign or different,

And that is why, in 2012, I will run to be this nations first feathered president

Thank you, God bless you and God bless America


Let me know what you think



~ by Yousaf on May 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Pigeon Dreams”

  1. Great! I love this poem! 😉

  2. ASA,
    AWESOME AWESOME poem. Thanks for posting! I’m so glad I was at MAS Expressions when you performed. Keep on writing!! I look foward to reading!

  3. I think Canada owes us an apology for their homegrown terrorists

  4. I don’t think its necessarily fair to write about all the negative side effects of man(or woman) and not think about their positives. In a sense, pigeons probably commit violent acts just as humans do. I think we feel that it is less extreme merely because we are more intellgient. Aside from that, there are many great advancements of humans that have helped nations, people, animals, even humans. Sure there is a lot of blood shed and atrocities in the world but we must not forget the advancement and ease of life that has been brought on by the human and its mind.

  5. lol ammar, and nice poem, i liked 🙂

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