Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance, Uncomplicated and Easy Going


My trip to Europe was one I will never forget. I could and probably will write many posts about what my experiences were like, what I saw, the people who made the trip an unforgettable and valuable one for me and the many lessons I learned along the way but for now, I would like to write about something that has been on my mind since I landed back at JFK airport. Being low maintenance and what that means.

Low maintenance? So This past week, instead of floating around London and Paris aimlessly by myself, Allah blessed me with the company of 4 people (and their children), who I can honestly say I wish to model much of my life from.  It is sometimes too easy to say ‘I am low maintenance’ or ‘ I am not picky’ or that ‘I could get along with anybody in any situation’ butpicky as with everything in life, talk in this field, is cheap… Dirt cheap.   Who do you know that doesn’t say, ‘I am not a whiner and I am always content and easy to be around?’ Probably very few people in the world do not feel this way about themselves because everyone wants to be that person.  That guy or girl who everyone likes, everyone is comfortable with and everyone appreciates for their easygoingness (that’s a word even though it doesn’t look like one, look it up). We all aspire, hopefully at least, to make ourselves in the mold of the great people of our history who affected others by simply being admirable in quality and character. We all want to have those manners that the Prophet (s) was sent to correct and perfect. It is why we are here. To be good to others in worship to our Creator. 

By the amazing Mercy of Allah, I was surrounded by brothers and sisters who had that effect on me. Not once did I feel unwelcome in spite of being the clear fifth wheel. Not once did I feel weird or awkward for the various shortcomings that are clear to those around me. Not even for a second did I feel not home.  In fact, as the feeling slowly fades from me, I realize that for the first time in a while, I felt comfortable in my own skin… With whom I was.you are you

I wasn’t afraid to talk and to listen. I wasn’t worried about offending someone or getting my feelings hurt. I felt no tension of expectations or unrealistic standards. I did not feel as though I had to ‘prove’ friendship or brotherhood. My insecurities vanishedeven though my flaws were out in the open.  People who are capable of creating such an environment ought to be the norm but it is, unfortunately, quite a rare quality that I realize I have to learn and practice. When faults and weaknesses become a chance to improve each other and occasionally make a silly comment that nobody gets upset about- that is low maintenance.  And when running jokes and heartfelt conversations with other human beings means far more than fancy restaurants, the internet, T.V. (I will explain this in a whole other post…lol) and 5 star hotels—that is low maintenance.  That is what I want to be and what I need to develop in myself.

 I apologize if this post comes off as idealistic or quixotic but it was honestly the most primary lesson I was ablemona-lisa to expunge from a trip that was initially meant to just be a chance to get away but that ended up leaving me with many thoughts and aspirations. I saw, in practice, what type of person I want to be in the 4 individuals who were with me in London and Paris.  It is kind of funny but it made my trip. The Eiffel Tower was beautiful and so was the Louvre and Queen’s Gardens; but all that was just gravy on an invaluable experience about people and kindness and true brotherhood. 

So you will see a bunch of posts coming up about what I experienced on the trip BUT I will leave you with a quick synopsis you may not understand yet but that I will explain later:

In the words of Mofo, “France is a beautiful country occupied by an ugly people.”

Huda—“Only Allah could bring this tower down!”

Some angry, old, white Englishmen on a bus in the exact voice of Longshanks from Braveheart, “Silence!”patrickmcgoohan

Ahmad F.— “You should purchase a Honda Accord.”

Areeg, “Hmmh, you should never chew chocolate, Hmmh!”

Crazy Frenchmen in Pepe La Pu Accent, “Watayr? Water? Take Away! NO-NO-NO-NO!” 

And my feet, “Why are we walking so much!”


“Mind The Gap”— This is what you hear everytime you step into a London Subway



~ by Yousaf on May 25, 2009.

One Response to “Low Maintenance”

  1. What you experienced is the great gift that is only gifted by true brotherhood. In my opinion very few things surpass the ability to sit with a group of individuals and feel safe and secure. That sense of security and comfort is the barakah(blessing) Allah(swt) injects into the heart of the believer. I would encourage all to sit back and reflect about how people feel around us.

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