Grateful to the Greatest


Another Reason to Be Grateful


As I sat for hours and hours studying for my medical boards, I began to feel as though my brain had half melted into mushy brain-goo soup. Within the ‘gooeyness’ (that is actually a word, look it up), floated words like Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, Juxtaglomerulus and my favorite, focal sclerosing glomerulonephritis (not really my favorite). And then it hit me like a Tyson uppercut to the hypothalamus: the concept of our existence is mind-boggling. The thought of what is needed for the very survival of these vessels (our bodies) that maintain our consciousness is enough to make me lose sleep.

Let me just give you a little insight into the ‘taken for granted’ protocols that our body must abide by for life to exist.  When you get scared, hormones are released (these are like chemical messengers), that cause your heart rate to increase and your blood pressure to rise (because your body needs a little more oxygen, and blood needs to get to thatscared-eggs tissue a little faster than normal) so your blood vessels literally become smaller so the blood can move faster and your lungs breathe a little quicker to get more oxygen in and carbon dioxide out…….. okay, then guess what happens when you aren’t frightened anymore… If you have high blood pressure too long you will explode (stroke out or get a heart attack) so there are these little things in your neck (carotid  sinuses)… These guys act like barometric gauges measuring the pressure in your blood vessels and when its too much it tells your heart to slow down, releases more chemicals to make your vessels expand, decreases the strength of the heart contraction and makes your blood pressure normal again. Amazingness.  And all this happens without you even knowing that your body is better at math and physics than you are AND it never procrastinates because if it did, you wouldn’t have the privilege of doing so in your life 🙂 . Of course, this happens in seconds without conscious thought because God knows that if you had to actually think about raising your heart rate for it to happen, you would have died half way through the first paragraph of this post when you yawned and thought this post was boring. 

Your liver works as a filter, your kidneys assist in volume control, your heart acts as a pump, your vessels are like super-pipes, your skin adjusts the central air conditioning system and not to mention your brain (that may be gooey like mine at this point) that is the super computer that could have only been  imagined in an techy nerd’s dreams of paradise. 

Can you fathom thatxin_2920804162027296100511 your body completes complex actions completely based on the transmission of electric impulses? Like electricity through a wire, your nerves pass charged particles to an endpoint that somehow means something to some ‘body part’ target and makes something happen that keeps you alive!!! What?!? You put your hand on a hot stove (don’t actually do this- it hurts), and your skin takes the signal of heat, converts it to an electrical impulse that is carried in your nerve, through your arm, up your spine, to your brain THEN after split second processing, a new impulse is sent back to the muscles in your arm that is then decoded to mean: MOVE YOUR ARM DUMMY, THE STOVE IS HOT!’

In conclusion, Allah is one… sorry if this post seemed like a bio lecture. I think my brain goo has congealed… time to put some more words in there i.e. study. 



~ by Yousaf on April 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Grateful to the Greatest”

  1. Hi doctor to be! Very complex words there…and I’m experiencing the same too. Just mine is memorising the names of bacteria 🙂

  2. glad to see i am not the only one whose brain is becoming, what was the word, gooeyness. lol

    not bio or names of bacteria, in my case, but rather complicated proofs for my math class. 😦

  3. Pretty intense….

  4. awesome. i’m still on cells and metabolism and i’m already saying WOW. lol i thought engineering processes like engine cycles were advanced, but engineers have a lot to learn from how the simplest cell in our body works.

  5. I’m glad I’m done with AP Bio, finally! Don’t worry, iA you’ll do fine. We’ll keep you in our prayers, just keep us posted and let us know how it goes…

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