Me Happy


This is how happy I am 🙂


Ok, my mother and others dear to me have told me that the last couple of posts make me seem like a depressesed, angry young man who hates his life and the world. So this post will be about gumdrops, rainbows and Barney Rubble (Flinstones). Not really but I will say this. I know that sometimes my writing comes off as a little ‘ranty’ or a little Simon Cowell-like but only because those emotions are kind of what drives me to write. 

When something good happens, I don’t get that urge to put it down on paper because I go into a happy coma 🙂 and just enjoy it but when I see somethiing wrong, it is kind of therapeutic to explain and see if what I am thinking actually makes sense. In conclusiono (that is spanish for in conclusion), I guess I have to start trying to be more upbeat in my posts to translate over my happy side… 

Also, my medical school boards are in three weeks so make duaa for me 🙂 I need it!



~ by Yousaf on April 25, 2009.

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