Stand Alone

I wrote this three part poem a while back when I was going through some personal struggles and realized that I had let the problems consume me… I made common mistake of thinking taht I was alone in struggling, like I was the only one with any problems.  After some thought, I realized how wrong I was for thinking in such a way because my Lord had promised otherwise. I looked at the world around me and saw that my obstacles were trivial in comparison to those faced by most in the world. This poem is a declaration to those in serious hardship, they are surely not alone because we are all with them and most of all, so is the Creator of their difficulties. I guess I should have changed the title to: We Never Stand Alone butits too late now 🙂



‘Stands Alone’
A child only 6 years old
Standing on a pile of rubble and bones
Sounds of his sisters cries and moans
This land of darkness used to be his home 
He stands frigid, facing a demon 
A gun to his head without reason 
His mother screaming and pleading
The boy smiles, this IS his freedom
This is his reality, understanding his mortality
He clenches the rock in his fist 
He knew he wouldn’t miss, he knew he COULD not miss
So he cocked back and launched the rocket 
A terrorist at six, 2 cents in his pocket
He was just a kid, and couldn’t even spell his own name,                                            And to him, this was just another hide-n-seek, cat-n-mouse game,                                So he roared like a lion 
Super powers defying
His W.M.D. hit his target, triple metal armor of a killing machine 
It shattered… he did his job; he dented the green 
He stared down the tank and the tank trembled 
One attack and the whole army assembled
They faced their greatest rival
A child with no gun, no bomb, no chance of survival 
A child with no thoughts of fleeing, no shoes, no fear 
A child with no food, no water, left with no more tears 
No family, no home, no education, 
No playgrounds, no soccer ball, no trepidation
No media to tell his side of the story 
No life to live, no glory
No father, no sister, no brother to look up to
Unnamed casualties of the invasion of the men in blue faris-odeh24
He was faced with the ‘peace loving’ forces that only defend 
Rationalizing and justifying the means for their end 
And now the boy was in the way
It just happened that his life was dispensable today
And with every last stone
This brown skinned, towel head, freedom hating, terrorist stands alone… 

A man… in a ditch lay still pretending to be dead
The enemy let him be, half alive, covered in blood red
He was only nineteen, too young to comprehend, too young to understand
The value of a life, the value of a man
And now he was stuck in his own grave of desert sand
His whole unit killed by an ied
Indirectly by the defense secretary
He sat up to hold the head of his fallen brother marine
He was not meant die this way, not this place, not this scene
He reminisced about what bought him to this hell
Not an uncommon story to tell
Poor and ambitious, wanted an education
Needed the money, fell into the hands of his own countries administration
Never for one second thinking that he could be betrayed
To fight in an unjust war, his undervalued life left unsaved
No thoughts of patriotism, terrorism or old glory
Just memories of his soon to be widowed family
The ground shook as if it had been it by another bomb
He scream ‘I love you mom!’
He pulled a picture from his pocket
He looked at his love through a heart locket 
He thought about his wife who he promised to come safe
Now came images of his baby girl’s face
Tears flowed as he realized he would never see her graduate 
Never see her in her wedding gown
Never be there for her to pick her up when she falls down
He prayed to God that He protect them both
That when they are about to sink, that he makes them float
Exhausted and tired he lay back down
Another nameless champion, finding his final resting place on Iraqi grounds
He stared into the sky
This morning he would have never thought this was the way he was going to die
And with every last martyr and heroes unknown
This freedom-fighting, war-mongering, bloodthirsty invader stands alone 
A woman… lay motionless staring into the sky
A woman battered and abused but she does not cry
Not one tear trickled down her beaten face
See, she was attacked because of her religion and because her race
In Chechnya you can disappear just for existing
Judgment past on you just for living
They killed her husband and made her children watch
As the pigs harmed their mother, innocence forever lost
They burned down her home
Left her a single mother to fend for her own
When her baby girl crawled to her side
Her thoughts were far from weakness, far from suicide
She looked into her daughter’s eyes, 
Swollen from the tears of blood she had cried
Mama wiped the tears away, ‘Everything is going to be okay,’ 
She sat up and looked into her babies eyes, ‘See sweetheart,
They may have got my body but they did not get my heart,cecen5312
They may gotten a piece of me but they did not get the whole
They can have my flesh but they can never have my soul!
They can kill my family and can even take this land 
But they fail to realize is: with Whom I stand
They strategize but He has the best of plans
They think they have won because of the child now in my womb
Nine months from now I will birth the beginning of their doom’
Now tears flowed from her eyes but sadness was not the reason she cried 
In her heart she knew: They did themselves in this time
The birth of a muslim baby into a world where Muslim is a crime
She sat there, dreaming of the divine justice that would come with her unborn child
She hugged her daughter, prayed to God and couldn’t help but smile
But it seems with every last ounce of blood and every faithful, aching bone
This terrorist bearing, uneducated, ‘oppressed’ rag head, criminal stands alone 

May Allah ease the suffering of those who are in need of His mercy.


~ by Yousaf on April 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Stand Alone”

  1. i was lost in that one. especially the second part. it was very powerful and sent chills down my spine.

    also, it’s funny you mentioned feeling alone in hardship. we were just discussing that two nights ago with omaas. we gotta stick together bro.

  2. The second part is extremely powerful, but the third one reminds me of many women who go through the same thing. Being abused and then having to bear the child…I pray that God helps them in their lives.

  3. mashallah. amazing,mashallah

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