The Life and Times of a Newborn

My new baby neice was hurled from the womb that she had called home for the last 9 months into a world that would not be so accomodating. And when she arrived, she did so kicking and screaming, letting the inhabitants of earth know of her presence and of her intolerance of mediocrity. She scolded the delivering doctor for allowing her mommy to feel birth pains, slapped the nurse on her cheek after the nurse had done the same to her behind and observed, with utmost scrutiny, as her father cut her umbilical cord, giving him pointers on the proper techniques along the way.  She then contemplated the fine points of breathing with her own lungs for the first time and internally discussed the strange sensations of cold water and warm arms.  And lights… well these accursed bright things that stung her eyes must be from the devil himself, along with loud sounds and bitterness.  Her demands for silence and darkness were eventually met as she lay in her mommy’s arms and she reminisced about what once was and pondered over what was to come. (For ex: what her name was going to be?!?!?!? Amina or Maya??)amina

She then burped, had her first meal, pooped a little and took a nap.  All in a days work. 

May Allah give her the strength of Mariam (A), the compassion of Khadija (R), the patience of Asiya (R) and the love of Fatima (R)!


~ by Yousaf on March 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Life and Times of a Newborn”

  1. Awww, MashAlah, Ameen : )

  2. Mabrooks Yousaf. I vote for Amina. Make it happen.

  3. very nice bro. touching and MABROOK!
    you gotta save this post and show it to her when she’s like 18 and being rebellious lol. as for names, I think I changed my mind and vote for Amina. why not Aminamaya or Mayamina. or john.

  4. Amina has been decided!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful,mA! I miss her. I’m too far away. 😦

  6. Alf Mabrouk!!!

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