Poem For Me Ma

Here is a poem for our mothers and more specifically, mine 🙂 please leave comments


You, My Mother
Ma, I love you.
That is why for nine months I latched on to you
I didnt want our link to unfurl; I remained, thumb in mouth, curled
Held on longer and hoped to never enter this world
I made you feel nauseated, bleed and feel birth pains
And it makes me proud to know that your blood runs through my veins
When I was a baby, I needed to be burped, fed and changed
My ear always hurt me, and my cries gave you migraines
Your free time became my time 
You became all three of my lifelines
And your hours of sleep varied
On what times I decided I needed to be lullabied and carried
And i must confess that when I was completely helpless, 
The warmth of your caress showed only the love a mother could possess,
And regardless of how hard it was or how penniless
I was always certain to find your sustenance,
As I matured you taught me how to be a man
And when I thought I couldn’t spell, you convinced me I can
When I fell, your boo boo kisses wiped away the pain
Your words of softness and wisdom fell upon me like spring rain
And when I was still low to the ground
You lifted me up, your grip on me never unsound
You made sure that we would never part
Your smile always melting my heart
And in the times when I became difficult and uneasy
Rude, insolent and sometimes sleazy
You always forgave me 
And now as I go through the hardest part of my life 
I want you to be sure that the love a mother is incomparable to the love a wife
And sometimes it confuses me how you dont understand
Why my heart does what it does, when it was you who shaped it by your hands
Why I love so enduringly and so strong
When you showed me the same for so long
You are why I always think that anything could happen and why it’s so hard for me to lose hope
And why I am so crushed when I lose it and the reason it is so hard for me to cope
And I am sorry that my pain hurts you and I again make you lose sleep
And I promise you if I could I would swallow your anguish and your worries I would keep
You have educated me on what it means to be good
And I will do anything to make you proud if I could 
My love for you is and never will be shared It is never split and cannot be compared
To the love of any other
This part of my heart is ONLY for my mother


elephant-mother-baby1A man once consulted the Prophet Muhammad about taking part in a military campaign. The Prophet asked the man if his mother was still living. When told that she was alive, the Prophet said: “(Then) stay with her, for Paradise is at her feet.” (Al-Tirmidhi)


~ by Yousaf on March 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Poem For Me Ma”

  1. makes me think of my own mother…and how i probably don’t tell her enough how much i appreciate her…for all that she’s done, and continues to do…

    so thanks for the reminder

  2. I read this to my mom, and again I’m lovin it

  3. very nice, i like this softer side of you right now.

  4. i don’t understand why it made me click something to read the whole poem though.

  5. MashAllah, wow, I am going through the same thing with my mother. I was in a long engagement and it didnt work out. I would say that was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. My mother was the one that got me through it and when I’m having a bad day and she sees me crying, she knows exactly whats wrong and she comforts me with her hugs and by reading the Koran on me. She just tells me to trust Allah’s plan for me. It hurts me when my mother cries because she sees me sad. She cant help but be pained by my pain. She is always making dua for me and I just love her so much. Ya Allah, she is my world. Im going to go hug her right now. MashAllah, beautiful, beautiful poem. May Allah bless all of our mothers and bless our relationships with them as well..Ameen.

  6. Very nice MashAllah, this is a very good reminder for us to think twice before we say or act in some way that may cause our mothers to become upset with us ( even tho that takes some time). We tend not to show them our true feelings about them and how we greatly appreciate all they do for us, so I think its very important that we start doing so. Some just wait till mother’s day to get her an annual gift. Change it up, remind your self monthly/weekly and show your appreciation and love maybe just not through a gift but through an act. SubhanAllah, Islam emphasizes the importance of the mother and sets her at such a high level, and surely everything is said for a reason.

  7. Ahmad…thanks for posting. This is definitely one of my favorite ones. 🙂

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