Lego Royalty

Here is a poem I wrote today about what we can all learn from children if we just pay attention sometimes. The stars of this poem are my niece, Anisa, and my nephews, Shanu and Muhsin.  I posted the youtube video at the bottom if you want to read along with me 🙂  Tell me what you think!

Lego Royalty

She sees right through my guise of dry eyes

Sees sadness written on my face though cannot yet read, denies

The fake smile, and hears tears in my repliesart61

She says ‘don’t be sad Amo’ and hands me

Something she knows should end anyone’s misery

My baby niece gives me blocks of legos

Stacked by her small hands, steady and slow

In her mind taller and more glorious then even the Eiffel tower

Made of colors that would make even the most sour

Of men, happy again.


My nephew, the hotwheel fiend

Muhsin, the armed and ready, dancing machine

Clutching more automobilesmoose1

Then his little arms can carry

And I listen as words spoken softly and slowly

Drop from his mouth like honey

Speech is sometimes a struggle for some,

But for him, just a small hurdle to reach his tonka kingdom

‘I… Love… You’

See, it took him three years to learn these three words

Which means that his voice means more than this entire world

His sentences have more meaning then the sunrise

Starlit skies become jealous upon hearing him articulate goodbyes

Naming colors like its nobody’s business, that bird? ‘its blue!’

That shirt? ‘its green,’ this boy, its true

He never misses an open palm, never to slow

For a high five or down low

Never too tired for pickaboo

For a sloppy kiss, never too shy

Never parting with his cars unless you fake cry

At which point he will take time to decide

Which one from his magnificent collection he will divide

To give to you, more powerful a symbol, than even ‘I love you.’


I watch in awe, looking on: Shanu, a five year old

His absolute excitement for life, never really controlled

Always optimally primed

For every Megatron line

I hear him, motivated, as he recites the whole dialogue from the Transformers movie


The way I wish I could read back the word of God, he

Repeats the same syllables, ‘bobby, bobby, bobby’ again and again

Simply because they feel good on his tongue and he can,

And even before my electrified fingers reach his underarms

He laughs louder than any car alarm,

Teaching me more about love then anyone else could inspire

His lesson: That sometimes, you give the one you love the thing that they desire

Without them ever having done anything to earn it,

And his giggle in response to my tickle, is exactly what I wanted

To feel needed and wanted,

At age five, he reminds me more about simplicity

As he occupies his mind with adventure, in Gotham city

And in his un-jaded imagination, there still exists only greatness and heroes

No villains, no crime, no math and no zeros.


So as I awake this morning and make excuses as to why I should not get out of bed today

In comes my lego architect, Anisa

Her chocolate covered teeth

Evidence that she has manipulated another poor soul for ‘Chocee’

She yells ‘amo I have a secret and I need to tell you!’

So she gets close and whispers, ‘ice cream, you get pink, and I get blue’

Declaring that societal standards are no good for her and she is breaking through

This little rebel, who says she is age two

Even though she has been three for nearly half a yearanisa1

Gets closer and says into my ear

‘Get up amo, its time to play!’

And so I smile, kiss her face and simply obey

And I can always know, that whenever I ever feel alone

I will always have my princes and princess as they sit atop their Lego thrones!


Link to youtube-




~ by Yousaf on March 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “Lego Royalty”

  1. I like it. It’s very different than your other stuff. I like that you’re doing more than just political stuff.

  2. I love the title alone

  3. very nice, a lot of emotion in that one.

  4. perfect about shanoo.

  5. This was one of the most heartfelt piece of poetry I’ve ever read… Mashallah! May Allah grant these little yet wise ones steadfast hearts big enough to show anyone love for his sake and the ability to always put a smile on people’s face. Very creative Yousaf, keep them coming and congrats on the blog 🙂

  6. Awww! This poem was so cute.I’m sure your neice and nephews’ll enjoy it when their a little older. Wish I could do something like this…but it kinda never works. 😦

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