Ignorance TO Bliss

Sometimes, we rationalize our laziness and/or cowardice with excuses of ‘being too busy’ or we rationalize our apathy with ‘fears of the consequences of doing something.’  We even allow these falsehoods to come in the way of us standing for truth… It is almost as if, by our nature, we would rather be blind to the realities of this world so we do not have to do anything about it.  So here is a poem about fear, ignorance, and hopefully, a way out of the holes we have dug ourselves in.A link to a youtube performance of this poem is below. Please give me feedback!

Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve been told that ignorance is bliss  

And loneliness is misery’s mistress      

So ill become another face in the crowd 

Silence. Just shut my mouth…Not speak out, out loud

Do not want to be an outcast  

Or a suspect in a bomb blast  

So I’ll act more unlike me and stay outta the headlines   

Join the mass in the chorus and march in a straight line   

Just get in step:  left, right …one two… one two

Because there IS no way: how to… break through

Putting my brain on standby, hibernating for the summer

Follow the leader, dancing to the beat of one drummer

When you ask me for help, ill cower and crumble

Ill say I can’t but the truth is I don’t wanna get in trouble

But Ill put on a nervous smile to bury my fear

And say : Sorry, no can do… im too busy with my career

It takes too much time to learn and even more to do

I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew

I have bills to pay and a life to live

I need all of today and have nothing to give

Listen, stop preaching, I have to get mine

Believe me inaction was never a crime

Ill take the blue pill every time,

ill nod my head with every fox news line

I’ll let big brother tell me what to do and then ill support

And ill even look scared when they show me the next terror report

Ill back the president when American soldiers die

Ill pretend that freedom was the reason they died

Then in sadness ill wave an American flag out the back of my SUV

 To justify that they lost their lives for patriots just like me

I’ll drink starbucks and eat crude oil’s freedom fries

And I’ll give them a thumbs up when they ask me to supersize

I’ll be at the whim of ceo’s in Iraqi blood-stained Armani ties

Because I will do anything to convince myself of freedom’s  lies  

Because ive been told that ignorance is bliss

And that loneliness is misery’s mistress

So ill become another face in the crowd

 Silence is golden. Not speak out, out loud

Don’t want to be next to last

So I’ll put on a democratic face mask

And  I will act more like them and try to hide my bloodline

Keep silent for my sake and stay away from the front lines   

Just get in step:  left, right, one two… one two

Never thinking about: how to… break through

When the veil is lifted and the truth becomes apparent

When George is seen to be ‘gifted’ and dick shady’s transparent

When the body count in Iraq reaches 5 figures

When dead afhganis are nothing but dead sand niggers

When bombs light up the skies of Babylon

When brothers get arrested for saying salam

Maybe then indifference will be overcome by rage

And passion will lead to a lyrical rampage

When my tongue will slice through deception

When my hand will fight back hard against oppression

When my heart will do more than just wish for the best

When I won’t back down when I get faced with a test

When I drop my guard and look up to my Lord

Get closer to Him with my head to the floor

Maybe that is how on desert sands,

300 soldiers can beat one grand

And angels fight side-by-side with man

The devil’s try but fail by His plan

Maybe that’s how normal men slew giants with ease

And a fleeing prince split obedient seas

So I can only sit back, think and reflect, perplexed

Thinking what it took to make a drug dealer into MALCOLM X

What faith it took to believe an inferno was a cool fire

Or that the weak Muslims could face the mighty Persian empire

That a man doomed would be saved from the cross

How much am I willing to give and to what cost

So I now stand up and I scream with all that I got

You can be a toy soldier but I WILL NOT!!!

Because… ignorance being bliss is ridiculous

And hopefulness is misery’s distress

So ill make sure to stand out in the crowd

No more silence… Shout out, out loud:  ALLAH U AKBAR!

Not gonna make the same mistakes of my past

No weakness, it’s time to stay strong and steadfast

So I will act more like me and use every second of my time

To strive and struggle for Allah’s sake on the front lines  

Change this step: Look to, One God, for truth



Link-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzxBBJJZGh0



~ by Yousaf on March 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ignorance TO Bliss”

  1. very nice. i really liked it. but since you want feedback, here it is:

    firstly, i think the title should be adjusted to include the metamorphosis occurring in the second half of the poem. the latter portion does not fit in and it is substantial enough that it needs to be expected by the listener/reader. maybe if the title was changed to indicate a journey from ignorance to action it would work, otherwise you could split it into two poems that continue from one to the other.

    secondly, in the first half, i feel like there is one line that doesn’t fit. it goes off topic:
    “And I’ll give them a thumbs up when they ask me to supersize”
    the reason why i think it doesn’t fit is because you already commented on america’s mindless consumerism in the line before it. so this line is a little repetitive. that alone is not the reason however; the other reason why i don’t like it is because you paint the image of some-person mimicking the conservative middle class white man. (nodding to fox news, waving the american flag, at the whim of ceo’s… etc). from my experience, that class of people aren’t necessarily the ones that eat fast food.
    starbucks was a perfect example however.

    again these are all just my opinions.

  2. also, you have some stray blank lines that kinda threw me off when i was reading it. i didn’t know if it was just a typo or if i was supposed to pause in speech.

  3. i thoroughly enjoyed this one..powerful message

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