i-Slam Poem

In the Name of the Most High

My First REAL post… very exciting 😀 This poem is a play on words: I Slam poetry, I Slam against things evil and wrong, I Slam for ISLAM 🙂 Hope you enjoy. There is also a link for a performance of this poem at Rutgers New Brunswick (it is at the bottom, I don’t know how to post a video yet lol). Please let me know what you think…


For the children who walk in darkness no matter how bright the sun
For the men who face towering oppressors and never think once to run
For women who know too much about the evils of the men who are suppose to protect
For orphaned boys and girls who know nothing except the bottomless pit of neglect
For the playgrounds that have been empty of the sounds of jump rope melodies for far too long
And for the next twelve year old black kid who sells drugs because that’s the only place he belongs
For the little girl in a Palestine ghetto whose hunger pains keep her from sleep
And for the scars on her face that look superficial but run far too deep
For little hands in Africa who reach out for the faces of their dead mothers
And have had their hearts turn cold and blood turn thick as they turn on their own brothers
For the little Hispanic boy that will never learn to read because immigration status says he doesn’t deserve
And the only way he’ll ever be able to support his family is to kill more brown people and join the army reserves
For foreheads that touch cold concrete wet with the tears of men behind bars
And whispers of desperate prayers in the silence of nights without stars
For the boy who thinks that when his daddy finally comes home all his problems will be solved
And his mother whose bruises would dispute that claim and instead speak of one-sided brawls
For the woman who covers her round belly hoping bombs can be deflected by hands
And that the child in her womb that she hopes will survive her oppressors and be her last stand
For gunshots that sliced through flesh without prejudice or regard, never intended for its victim
And the blood that spreads across asphalt that could never speak of the cures, only the symptoms
For every woman who wears nothing to feel something, hoping just to be wanted
For trophy wives who think that they’ve reached their greatest potential just to be flaunted
For the child that has yet to taste any sweetness in this world
Because the toll of freedom and liberty is too heavy for the arms of little girls
For every girl who is expected to have an STD or a baby by age fourteen
And who are told and believe that they should give it up because it’ll build their self-esteem
For every shivering drug addict whose body craves for a hit but whose heart craves a hug
For infected needles and dilated pupils and for the glorified lifetime thug
For the martyrs of Gaza, their bodies wrapped in white shrouds
And for the Palestinian souls that gather at the gates of paradise in crowd
For the boy who says to a tank bring it on, not a moment scared
So that the words ‘Free palestine’ haunt their dreams and justice becomes their nightmares
i-SLAM most of all
For the Prophet who showed us how to live and showed me how to be a man
And for my Creator, My Lord and My Master, Allah, Who allows me to slam

Here is the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZns1nFL5tA



~ by Yousaf on March 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “i-Slam Poem”

  1. I would like to read some older traditional Persian poetry that I’ve heard good things about.

    Parts of this writing can make me feel defensive. Allah surely cares for all those people and situations. But surely Allah is for all people regardless of color, nationality that obey Him.
    What do u think?

    • hey, thanks for the comment… I agree, Allah does care for all of His creations 🙂
      Can you explain why you think this poem says otherwise?

  2. nd the only way he’ll ever be able to support his family is to kill more brown people and join the army reserves”

    Well this could be very subjective and just my impression from not understanding you, so I’ll try to explain. I like to think that our military is not out to kill “brown” people. If that is a reality it is horrible. And immigration is a mess. It is good to seek true justice, if one can see clearly.

  3. One of the major messages of the poem is to ‘Slam against’ certain realities… one of them being that the country I live in has certain policies that forces young hispanic men and women to join the army as the only means to support their families. Currently, those armies major offensives are in countries with predominantly brown skinned peoples. I Slam against this 🙂

  4. I looked on your page “about” but didn’t say where u r from. So anyway thanks for the writing and your 1st post. I’ll read more as they came. Gotta go for tonight, later,

  5. ok, so my first comment again:

    awesome stuff, i expect to see many more and often cause i really look forward to your writing.

  6. I really like this! Just saw your preform it today at BC. I can’t view the YT video though…is there any way I could maybe?

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